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We recently implemented the “Autopulse” lead generation tool at our Dealership as a way of generating more customer leads.

As you know, sourcing used vehicle inventory is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the GM world. Autopulse has allowed our UCD Manager and BDC department to be the first to reach out to private sellers in our local market. We have converted countless local sellers into valuable trades and more importantly into new vehicle customers.

The lifetime value of a new customer goes well beyond front/back end gross of a deal. When you add the value of additional sales from parts, service, referrals and repeat purchases, the ROI with Autopulse becomes a no-brainer.

Rino Rizzuto
New Roads Chevrolet
General Manager

Simply put, Autopulse is the best kept secret in the automotive industry. The fact that we have exclusive rights to my local area for Audi vehicles gives our dealership a competitive advantage. Having the ability to take control of our brands' used vehicles has resulted in a healthier bottom line and a stronger relationship with our community. Our wholesale and subprime departments have benefited as well.

Do your dealership a favour and automate a typically tedious and manual process. Create a more efficient sales process with Autopulse.

Shawn Lacroix
Pfaff Audi Newmarket
Brand Manager, CPO

We implemented Autopulse at my dealership and it's been very impressive. Within 4 days we scheduled 10 appointments and sold our first car through the software. The gross made on this one transaction paid for more that an entire years' Autopulse subscription. A great service at a fair price. We are continuously scheduling Autopulse appointments, as well. Having the advantage of calling private sellers FIRST has tremendous value. Autopulse is currently the only software offering that allows my sales staff to be proactive in acquiring new customers. Put your sales team to work and use Autopulse.

James Ellis
Barrie Chrysler
General Manager
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